Grej of the Day (GOTD) is spreading fast throughout the world.

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class of the month


to our first GOTD class of the month

Class 6W

Maroubra Junction Public School

Sidney, Australia

Lottie: I regard ‘ Grej of the Day’ meaning one thing everyday inspires me to come to school and to look forward to the day ahead!

Ashlee: I think that Grej of the Day helps me to learn new things about different people, landmarks and even food. It also engages me to learn and search for new information that I can then pass on to my younger brother and parents

Talia: I personally get a lot out of our Grej of the Day lessons and I learn so many new facts that expand my knowledge. What I like most about Grej of the Day is how everyone in our class has their turn to do a Grej of the Day presentation on what interests them. Everyone has chosen something really cool and I’ve learnt so much general knowledge.

Zoe: I enjoy the Grej of the Day because it is a fun short lesson that I can learn about lots of new things. Each student in our class has performed a Grej of the Day presentation and I have had lots of fun learning about new things and learning about some things I never knew before, like the history of the Terracotta Warriors, which I know want to go see!

Sophie S:  I like Grej of the Day because it helps me learn about things that I don’t learn in class for example, that the Mona Lisa was once stolen. I also like it because it helps me expand my knowledge.

Jaydan: One of the best things about school is the Grej of the Day!

Chelsea:  I like Grej of the Day because it inspires me to learn new things and it also encourages me to tell my family about new things. I learn about things that I never knew existed. For example, my teacher led a GOTD about Victoria Falls. It’s now a place I want to visit!

Sophie T: I love Grej of the Day because it inspires me to extend my knowledge in gathering research, solving clues or even taking notes during a lesson. It is an amazing way to teach and learn something that you have a passion for, while sharing the information to others and sparking interest in new places.

Tamzin: I love the Grej of the Day because it keeps me excited and motivated towards   learning. It also helps me connect my learning to other subjects such as writing and geography and as well as my general knowledge.

Bethany:  I like Grej of the Day because it gives me the opportunity to learn new things outside of mandatory subjects . The small lessons make them engaging and allow you to learn about fun topics that I can then tell my family about.

Michelle: I find that the Grej of the Day presentations are fun and it’s nice to acquire new facts. When presenting your own Grej of the Day, it’s cool to see people interested and gives you the opportunity to enhance your public speaking skills   

Kosta: The reason I like Grej of the Day is because it is short but entertaining and I always learn something new.